Never count your puffs again! 😜

Bar Juice is here to add flavour to your life

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You'll be glad to know... we're not puff counters!

We're Bar Juice. Born in Great Britain, we make irresistible vape juices.

Tired of breaking the bank for vape bars our team got in the lab and developed big flavours with honest ingredients. And yes, they taste as great as they sound, you'll never have to do puff maths again like a geek!

Just to be clear, no elves are harmed during production!

  • Refillable e-liquid

    Just fill into your vape device and go!

  • 20mg Nic Salt

    Smooth vaping experience with effective nicotine delivery

  • Sustainable Vaping

    Huge savings for your wallet and for the planet with a reduced carbon footprint

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Wasteful, bad for the planet, super expensive Vape Bars? It's a No from us!

We use only the best ingredients in our vape juices for you and for the planet, so you can feel good whilst satisfying your cravings. Mouth watering, irresistible vape liquid for your refillable vaping device, just fill and go! Fun Fact: just one of our bottles of vape juice is equivalent to 5 vape bars!