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Bar Juice E-Liquid

Lemon & Lime

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Nicotine Strength

🎉 3 for £10 mix & match any 3 flavours

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20mg Nic Salt

The best in class pharmaceutical grade nicotine

10ml Refillable Vape Juice

Just refill your tank and go!

1 Bottle = 5 Vape Bars

5 x cheaper than vape bars!

Made using the finest ingredients

Conforms to the highest European standards for e-liquid production using the finest ingredients and pharmaceutical grade nicotine.

Feeling sour? Need a burst of flavour to add some zest to your life? Look no further than our Lemon & Lime Blast vape juice. With a tangy and refreshing taste, this e-liquid will give you the perfect pick-me-up any time of day.

With a sour and refreshing taste, our Lemon & Lime 20mg Nic Salt 10ml e-liquid will have you feeling like a citrus superhero in no time. That’s right, say goodbye to boring vapes and hello to a zingy adventure. Pop on your zingy cape and zesty mask and get to saving the world.

With the Bar Juice Lemon & Lime Blast e-liquid in your pod, your superpowers just got mega-sized. Fly through the day like it’s a walk in the park. 

Key benefits & features

  • Sick of disposable vapes draining your wallet? Don't worry, our Lemon & Lime e-liquid is a cost-effective refill option for your pod. Save money and be a savvy vaper.
  • Tired of artificial flavours? Our natural flavourings in the Lemon & Lime vape juice deliver a clean and authentic taste that lasts for the longest hit. No funky aftertastes, just pure zing.
  • Want to be a superhero for the planet? Choose the lower carbon footprint option and switch to our Lemon & Lime vape juice. It's a more sustainable choice for the eco-conscious vaper. Do your part and save the world, one puff at a time.
  • Looking for a smooth nicotine hit? Our Lemon & Lime 20 mg nic salt will send those pesky cravings to jail. Say goodbye to boring vapes and hello to a refreshing burst of flavour.
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