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Bar Juice E-Liquid

Peach Ice

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Nicotine Strength

🎉 3 for £10 mix & match any 3 flavours

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20mg Nic Salt

The best in class pharmaceutical grade nicotine

10ml Refillable Vape Juice

Just refill your tank and go!

1 Bottle = 5 Vape Bars

5 x cheaper than vape bars!

Made using the finest ingredients

Conforms to the highest European standards for e-liquid production using the finest ingredients and pharmaceutical grade nicotine.

We get it. You love the warm cosy snuggles of a sweet peach one moment and then crave a menthol icy puckering moment next. It’s not that you can’t make up your mind; you just want the best of both worlds. And if you can have that, who’s to argue? Fortunately with Peach Ice vape juice you get your fuzzy peach love on the inhale and an icy blast on the exhale. 

You’re lazy in a summer meadow with a picnic one moment before blasting down the snowy slopes in the next. That’s right, we’re giving you everything with the Bar Juice Peach Ice 20mg Nic Salt 10ml E-Liquid.

We’re not judging you. We get it. Choose Peach Ice Vape Bar Liquid and have a foot in both camps.

Key benefits & features

  • Want a more cost-effective way of getting your Peach Ice disposable? One 10ml bottle of Peach Ice e-liquid works out the same as 5000 puffs. That’s five times better than you get from a disposable and all you have to do is refill your pod.
  • The natural flavourings in our Peach Ice vape juice pack a punch with a long-lasting clean taste.
  • Love the planet you’re on and say no to single-use Peach Ice disposables. Opt for a lower carbon footprint with the more sustainable Peach Ice vape bar liquid option.
  • Kick back and enjoy a smooth hit from 20mg Peach Ice nic salt so that cravings are a thing of the past.
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